5+ Best SEO Content Writing Services (2023)

Written content is the foundation of profitable website traffic.

It’s what gets your pages ranked, gets searchers clicking, and causes them to leave satisfied—which Google takes as a sign to bump you up in the results.

But finding a reliable source of good SEO content isn’t so simple.

There are a seemingly infinite number of writing freelancers and agencies, all promising you the greatest, highest-ranking content ever.

But rarely do they follow through with their promises—I would know; I’ve hired several freelancers to help with my site.

It’s a mess, and the hassle of sorting the good from the bad is nothing to scoff at.

So today, I’m setting the record straight.

I’m listing the best SEO content writers this year, all of whom I’ve worked with personally or know someone who has—let’s dig in.

What Makes Effective SEO Content Writing?

So before we get into our list, we need to set a baseline of what effective SEO content writing actually looks like.

Simply put, good SEO content is:

  • Well written. Duh, but your content isn’t going to rank if it’s long-winded, lacking in fluency, or otherwise poorly written.
  • Keyword-friendly. The writer should include keywords naturally, never making their inclusion sound jarring and hamfisted.
  • Concise. People love to skim, whether it’s books, articles, or anything else written. So SEO content should never be longer than it has to be.
  • Media-rich. A content writer that only writes is outdated. Your writer should include original images, infographics, and even videos to express ideas effectively.
  • Well researched. All claims should have backing from reliable sources or first-hand experience, not citations of citations—something I see even on famous blogs.
  • Reliant on subject matter expertise. Your content writer should specialize in the topic they’re writing for. 0% of top freelance writers write “for everything,” like so many amateurs do.

Effective SEO writers also rely on a robust software toolkit to help them function. For example, I use/have used:

  • Ahrefs ($100/month)
  • Primostats ($25/month)
  • Clearscope ($170/month)
  • Wordtune ($120/year)
  • Canva Pro ($120/year)

…and that’s just for content writing. As you can tell, a toolset like that’s nothing to scoff at and illustrates a serious dedication to providing top-quality content.

Your typical Fiverr/Upwork freelancer just isn’t delivering that, and that’s why they’re so much cheaper than pro writers like those listed below.

No disrespect—just the honest truth.

Best SEO Content Writing Services This Year

Without further ado, let’s get into the top SEO content writing services you can start working with now.

1. Sam Szuchan (Freelancer)

Yup—it’s me. I’m the content writer that SaaS brands, digital marketing agencies, and more world-class enterprises rely on for top-quality content.

I always deliver over expectations. My well-written, concise content features custom images, GIFs, videos, and more to convey ideas to readers with a multi-pronged approach.

The results? Top rankings for competitive keywords, thought leadership, brand authority, and more.

And hey—you’re reading this now, aren’t you? Besides being a sweet article, it’s ranking for its term.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, and let’s talk.

2. Grizzle (Agency)

I learned about Grizzle by applying for them.

I emailed their content lead, she forwarded my message to the CEO (Tom Whatley, an awesome guy), and he started me on an assessment.

Right away, I knew this brand was different. They took content extremely seriously, ensuring every dot and tittle provided genuine value to the reader.

Their results are no joke, and their website features tons of case studies providing that point.

(And if you’re wondering—yes, I passed their assessment. I had to “redo” the second part, but I did it!).

3. Elise Dopson (Freelancer)

Where do I even start with Elise? I’ve learned so much from her that it’s hard to sum up easily.

First, I took her amazing freelancing course. This taught me so much about the ins and outs of freelance writing, condensing years of insight into digestible lessons anyone can process.

Second, her amazing writing has often been the standard by which I judge my own. I’ve got her portfolio bookmarked, and compare her pieces to my own whenever I want to make sure I’m hitting the right tone.

So can you trust her to deliver awesome SEO blog content? Yeah, you could say that.

4. Animalz (Agency)

Animalz is like the Rolls-Royce of content marketing. You hire them when you’re a top-class firm that needs a content job done right.

They don’t only do content writing but also:

  • SEO consulting
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Product marketing
  • Link building, social content, and other distribution

It’s a full stack of content creation, working with brands like Google, Amazon, Intercom, and GoDaddy to create one-of-a-kind-content.

Their team is comprised of copywriters, strategists, and editors, all of whom work closely together to produce ROI-positive results.

5. Jessica La (Freelancer)

Simply put, Jessica’s a content wiz. She knows SEO front and back, producing writing that ranks like nobody’s business.

And just like me, she has her own blog. You can read her material and get a feel for her conversion-driven content anytime.

Jessica’s specialty? SaaS brands, marketing agencies, and startups.

She knows that these brands are often low on marketing budgets (compared to bigger brands), so she produces short, sweet, and to-the-point content that gets straight to the point.

And she delivers on time every time, so you don’t have to worry about late deliveries—a real issue when you’re working with a lot of freelancers.

Good Content Is Expensive, but It’s Worth It

If you checked the prices of anyone listed here, you’ll immediately notice a common trend of steep prices. But this isn’t because freelancer writers are trying to squeeze you dry—it’s because good content is expensive.

First, think back to all the SaaS tools I mentioned earlier. By itself, those tools total in the neighborhood of $300-$500 a month—somebody’s gotta pay for that.

Second, freelancers don’t get any benefits and often pay more taxes.

Healthcare, auto, dental, you name it—we’re paying for it. That doesn’t necessarily bother us, but it’s how it is.

And about the taxes:

I can’t speak for others, but self-employed Americans making less than ~$115k/year (threshold to file as an independent corp, don’t know the exact number) have to pay both parts of their social security obligations (employer and employee).

Yes, you read that right: double the usual social security withholding.

And third—and most importantly—effective SEO content writing skills are a rare and highly valuable skill set. For every 10,000 people who claim to have them, about one of them actually does.

So before you ditch good writers for a cheapie—don’t. The lame content you’ll get will not only do nothing for you, but it’ll do less than nothing.

People will notice how bad your content is and opt for someone more professional. You’ll never be the wiser, either.

But if you hire a good writer? You’ll get a huge return on investment, plus a seamless experience with someone who’s developed a fluid workflow.

So don’t delay, reach out today (rhyme intended)!

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