Planable Review: Best Social Media Manager Ever? (2023)

Planable Review

Managing multiple social media accounts can be a massive headache. You know what I mean if you’re a company trying to promote across different channels.

The good news is that you’re not alone.

The idea for Planable was born out of the frustration of social media teams trying to manage multiple social media accounts all at once. They lacked a tool to do so effectively, and so Planable was born!

Planable promises to transform social media management from a nightmare to a dream. One Planable customer said, “My content calendar no longer makes me cry.”

Sounds terrific, but it’s my job to play the skeptic. I tried it myself and learned everything about it first-hand.

So in this review, we’ll see if Planable is as great as it claims to be.

Disclaimer: Planable’s a product I love and use myself, so I’ve monetized this article with affiliate links. I’m not a sellout and will never promote lame products for a quick buck.

Planable Overview

Planable is a social media management tool that combines multiple social networks into one simple dashboard. Create, edit, schedule, and publish posts all in one place.

The main strength of Planable is how intuitive it is. It is designed to look, feel, and work like real social media websites.

Here’s the calendar view:

And the feed view:

With Planable, you get a visually-appealing UI optimized for content management and automation. It also makes it easy to manage multiple accounts.

Social Media Managers’ One-Stop-Shop

With Planable, you can see all of your brand’s social media accounts on one easy-to-manage page.

Planable aims to simplify post creation, editing, and approval by eliminating overwhelming apps and spreadsheets.

As a result, Planable is remarkably powerful and allows you to manage multiple brands and campaigns in one place.

For example, a list view shows posts without any artwork for a comprehensive top-level view.

Additionally, a grid view shows images primarily with a few more details. The grid view gives users an overview of their posts and how many likes and comments they get.

Planable Services

Planable vends two primary services:

  • Planable for Agencies
  • Planable for Enterprises

I’ll break down both offerings below.

Planable for Agencies

Planable wants to be your top choice if you’re a social media agency. Agencies love Planable for its ability to separate a workspace for each client. This means a client’s social media posts, calendar view, and more stay in their own home.

planable agency plan

Getting the design right is a big part of social media work. With Planable, you can preview your posts to ensure everything’s ready to go before posting.

One big problem: Planable only posts to the top seven social media sites. If you’re hoping to manage scheduled posts for smaller social media websites, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

That said, Planable’s a pretty epic tool for agencies. If you don’t need to post on Pinterest (or other sites they don’t support), it’s a top choice.

Planable for Enterprises

Planable Enterprise package includes 24/7 support and team onboarding training. This makes it a great option for businesses looking to handle their social media content creation on a large scale.

planable enterprise plan

Plus, it’s got unbeatable security and multi-level approvals. So while another social media tool focuses on serving small teams, Planable serves big companies too.

Additionally, it’s pitch-perfect for collaboration. Create folders for your projects and assign them to your team. Then, as the project progresses, you can post comments and get notified when changes happen.

Finally, its unlimited user feature lets you not worry about how many people can be onboarded to a project at a time. 

Planable Pros and Cons

Planable is of the best social media content managers I’ve ever seen. That said, I need to be fair by listing both its pros and cons.

Planable Pros:

  • Free mobile app: Planable is available on mobile devices. You can edit, review, and offer feedback on content directly from your phone.
  • Guest access: Whether you are sharing with clients directly or with others in your office, Planable allows you to share project progress with anyone.
  • Easy approvals: Users can approve actions in one click on Planable, so you don’t need to waste time on needless paperwork.
  • Limitless posts: With a paid plan, there is no limit on how many posts you can make.
  • Limitless storage: Your social media accounts will inevitably generate many media files. With Planable, you get unlimited storage, so this isn’t an issue.
  • A separate workspace for each client: It is impossible to manage different clients easily without individual workspaces. With Planable, all workspaces are separate, easily accessible, and organized.
  • Collaboration made simple: Planable’s famous for the ease with which it lets clients collaborate on content and projects. It makes big projects way less confusing.
  • View multiple timelines: Planable lets you view numerous calendar, feed, grid, and list views all in one place.
  • Onboarding and training: Enterprise Planable customers receive team training and onboarding, making it easy to hit the ground running
  • Separate internal and external communications: You may not wish your external clients to be privy to internal conversations. Planable lets you select what information is visible and what remains private.

Planable Cons:

  • Steep for small businesses: Small operations might not be able to afford Planable’s Premium plan. While other social media tools might not be as great, they’re cheaper.
  • Weak analytics: Since Planable mainly designed its platform for content management, it’s lacking in the analytics department.
  • Seven platforms only: Planable only supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, TikTok, and Twitter. So if you want to post content on smaller social media platforms, Planable isn’t for you.
  • No Pinterest: Planable doesn’t support Pinterest, which is a glaring weakness in its platform.

Planable Pricing:

planable's four tiers of pricing

Planable has an incredibly generous free plan. It offers 50 posts with unlimited users, workspaces, and pages. I figure this is more than enough for you to decide whether you want to stick to the platform.

Their annual paid plans are as follows:

  • Basic: $11/user per month (one workspace)
  • Pro: $22/user per month (one workspace)
  • Enterprise: This is their custom plan, so you’ll have to contact them for more information

Plannable’s Basic plan is great for single users and small teams. You can schedule unlimited posts across four different spaces. So if you’re a small operation, their $11/user price point is pretty tempting.

However, remember that the $11/month pricing is for one workspace. Just one additional workspace will rocket your plan to $39/month. That price increase can sting in the pockets of small teams.

The Pro plan is incredible whether you’re a freelancer or a medium-sized team. You get everything in Basic, plus ten social media pages per workspace and three approval grid flows. 

That said, it can get super pricy when scaling. So watch your wallet when bumping up those users and workspaces!

If the first two plans aren’t enough, you can look at Enterprise. It includes easy onboarding, custom workspaces, and however many users you wish. First, however, you’ll need to contact them to know how much it’ll cost.

Bottom Line

Planable is a great tool for social media teams looking for tools that they can rely on; no doubt it. 

However, others may be a better fit for those who want access to other social platforms, such as Pinterest.

And let’s be honest: Planable’s pretty pricy. The high pricing can hurt even harder if you need tools like analytics, hashtags, social media video management, and detailed performance reports.

I don’t want to end on a low note, though. Planable is awesome! If you’re looking for a social media tool with automated publishing, managing Instagram stories, and more, it’s a top choice.

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