The Most Viral LinkedIn Posts Ever + What We Can Learn

Picture this: You’re scrolling through LinkedIn, and suddenly, a post catches your eye. It’s witty, insightful, and so compelling that you can’t help but click “Like.”

But what makes a post go viral on LinkedIn, transforming it into a powerhouse of engagement and amplifying its reach?

In this data-driven deep dive, we’ll explore the most viral LinkedIn posts of all time, dissect their DNA, and uncover the secrets behind their success.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or maybe a glass of something stronger, because who says LinkedIn analysis can’t be fun?), and let’s dive into these viral gems.

You’ll discover the hidden ingredients of LinkedIn gold and learn how to apply these nuggets of wisdom to your own content strategy.

After all, as Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s former CEO, once said, “Data really powers everything that we do.” And we’re about to prove him right. Prepare for a wild ride down the rabbit hole of LinkedIn virality. 🚀

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1. The 9 to 5 Smack-Down

Breaking down Justin Welsh’s viral LinkedIn post is like cracking open a piñata filled with relatable candies that LinkedIn users couldn’t help but gobble up.

Here’s why this post became the life of the LinkedIn party:

  1. Relatable Vibes: Welsh’s post was like a group hug for everyone who’s ever felt undervalued, overworked, and just plain “meh” about their 9 to 5 grind. It struck a chord with the masses, who nodded along as they scrolled down their feeds.
  2. Hot Topic Hotline: “The Great Resignation” was hotter than the latest iPhone release, and Welsh’s post jumped on that bandwagon with style. Tapping into a trending topic ensured his post would catch the eyes (and hearts) of the LinkedIn crowd.
  3. Emotion Potion: Welsh stirred up feelings like a master mixologist, evoking empathy and camaraderie with his passionate words about a tired workforce. This emotional cocktail got people clicking, commenting, and sharing their own tales from the trenches.
  4. Power Word Party: Justin Welsh didn’t shy away from strong, assertive language. With words like “pummeled” and “tired,” he got people fired up and ready to join the conversation. Who doesn’t love a good power word fiesta?
  5. Opposites Attract: Welsh played matchmaker, pairing the “old normal” with the shiny new concept of pursuing “dream lives.” This dynamic duo of contrast had readers reflecting on their work lives, sparking deeper engagement and contemplation.
  6. Bite-Sized Brilliance: The post was short, sweet, and visually appealing, like a tray of tasty LinkedIn hors d’oeuvres. Its snappy sentences and strategic line breaks made it easily digestible and perfect for sharing.

In a nutshell, Justin Welsh’s viral LinkedIn post was the perfect blend of relatability, timeliness, emotional allure, powerful language, contrast, and snackable content.

No wonder it had LinkedIn users buzzing like bees around a hive of sweet, sweet honey.

2. The Ultimate ChatGPT Guide

Let’s chat about my ChatGPT guide carousel post that scored over 55,000 likes (humble brag, right?).

It helped users master ChatGPT just as it hit the streets, and they loved it! Let’s break down the secret sauce behind my post’s viral success:

  1. Strike while the iron’s hot: ChatGPT was fresh out of the oven, and like a master baker, I served up a delightful guide with perfect timing. Users were hungry for info, and I gave them a feast, ensuring they’d want to devour every morsel and share it with their friends.
  2. Carousel Craze: My post was like an amusement park ride, with each slide whisking readers through the wonderful world of ChatGPT. This format kept people engaged and entertained, making them more likely to stick around for the whole ride (and share it with others).
  3. Jargon Juggler: I tossed out technical jargon and replaced it with language everyone could understand. It’s like swapping out a calculus textbook for a comic strip—way more fun and easier to follow!
  4. Witty Wizardry: I sprinkled some humor and wit throughout the post, transforming it from a bland guide to a deliciously entertaining treat. Who says learning has to be boring? I say, the funnier the better!
  5. Comprehensive but Comfy: The post covered everything from A to Z, but I kept it cozy and accessible, like a warm blanket on a cold day. Readers felt like they were getting the inside scoop from a good friend instead of being lectured by a know-it-all.
  6. Visual Pizzazz: I added eye-catching visuals to make the carousel pop. After all, who doesn’t love a post that looks as good as it reads? This helped grab attention and made the guide even more shareable.

It was like a LinkedIn block party, and everyone was invited! Oh, and if you wanna learn to make carousels like that, check out my comprehensive LinkedIn course.

3. Maternity Mercy

In the world of LinkedIn posts, Greg Gillman’s entry is like a heartfelt indie film that tugs at your heartstrings while delivering a poignant message.

Let’s break down the elements that made this post stand out in a sea of corporate jargon and motivational quotes:

  1. Storytime: Gillman serves up a real-life tale with a side of human vulnerability. This narrative-driven approach invites readers to cozy up and invest emotionally in the characters—making the post more engaging and memorable.
  2. The Underdog: Everyone loves rooting for the underdog. Gillman introduces a pregnant job candidate facing a financial crunch, immediately sparking empathy and encouraging readers to cheer for her success.
  3. Warm & Fuzzy: This story has a feel-good factor that’s irresistible. The candidate finds a supportive workplace and flourishes professionally, leaving readers with a satisfying, “aww”-inducing resolution.
  4. Genuine Reflection: Gillman’s candid sharing of his thoughts as a first-time dad adds a personal touch, making the post more relatable and authentic. His vulnerability creates a connection with readers who might be in a similar position or empathize with the struggle.
  5. The Moral: This post isn’t just a heartwarming story—it’s also a rallying cry for change. By highlighting the need for a more inclusive work environment, Gillman gently nudges readers to reevaluate their own workplace policies and attitudes.
  6. Brevity with Impact: Despite the serious subject matter, Gillman keeps it concise and well-structured. The short sentences and line breaks create an easily digestible format that engages the reader.

Greg Gillman’s post masterfully combines storytelling, empathy, a feel-good factor, genuine reflection, a call for change, and an easy-to-read format.

It’s a shining example of how to tackle serious topics in a way that captivates and educates readers, not lectures them.

And can we talk about that 422k like count? I’ve never seen anything like it.

4. Kenny’s Revenge

Kenny Rose’s LinkedIn post had users clicking “Like” faster than a cheetah on a caffeine rush.

Let’s break down the viral secret sauce that made this post a social media sensation:

  1. Open Wounds, Shared Feels: Kenny’s post was like a confessional booth, baring his vulnerable side and connecting with anyone who’s ever been picked on by a boss. It’s the LinkedIn equivalent of a group therapy session that everyone wanted to join.
  2. The Name Game: The mention of “Kenneth” was a small but mighty detail. It added a personal touch that made people chuckle, empathize, and cringe on behalf of our dear, mistreated Kenny.
  3. Relatable Rebel: Kenny’s chill, confident, and professional demeanor made him the office underdog-turned-hero. Who wouldn’t want to root for the guy who stands up to a tyrannical boss without breaking a sweat?
  4. Thank U, Next: Kenny’s gratitude for the tough experience showcased his positive attitude and resilience, making readers fist-bump their screens in solidarity. It’s like LinkedIn’s very own Rocky Balboa moment!
  5. ClichĂ© ShmichĂ©: Kenny acknowledged the clichĂ© but went ahead and said it anyway, giving a virtual wink to his readers. He knew the “people quit bosses” line was as overused as “live, laugh, love” decor, but he owned it, making his post more authentic and endearing.
  6. Emoji-Free Emotion: No emojis needed here! Kenny’s storytelling tugged at heartstrings and tickled funny bones, all while keeping it real and raw. A true example of how less can be more, even on LinkedIn.

Kenny Rose’s viral LinkedIn post was a delightful mix of vulnerability, humor, relatability, gratitude, authenticity, and emotive storytelling.

It’s no wonder people were nodding, laughing, and hitting that “Like” button like their lives depended on it.

5. Hanna’s Hesitation

Hannah Genton’s post is like a rollercoaster ride through the heart of work-life balance, with ups and downs that leave you feeling enlightened (and maybe a little misty-eyed).

It’s time to stroll down the path of this powerful post and see what made it a LinkedIn sensation:

  1. Honesty Hour: Hannah’s post is more candid than a reality TV confessional. She bravely shared her personal struggles, which made the post relatable and emotionally charged. LinkedIn users couldn’t resist connecting with such raw honesty.
  2. Motherhood Mania: The post tackles the age-old conundrum of balancing work and motherhood. Addressing a topic that resonates with countless parents sparked empathy and engagement from an audience hungry for genuine connection.
  3. Stressapalooza: Genton painted a vivid picture of her work’s physical and emotional toll on her well-being. The imagery of hair falling out and nails breaking off stirred emotions and made her story all the more captivating.
  4. Turning Point Tango: The post takes a delightful twist when Hannah realizes she needs a change. This revelation resonated with readers who’ve experienced similar moments of clarity, driving deeper engagement with her story.
  5. Happy Ending High: Hannah’s post wraps up with a heartwarming conclusion—she creates a successful, flexible work environment and is present for her second child’s milestones. This feel-good ending left readers feeling inspired and hopeful.
  6. The Bigger Picture: Genton’s story not only highlights her personal journey but also underscores the importance of work-life balance and its impact on mental and physical health. This thought-provoking message struck a chord with many LinkedIn users.

In short, Hannah Genton’s post was like a poignant, modern-day fairy tale—complete with a work-life balance quest, dragons of stress, and a happy ending where work adapts to life.

No wonder LinkedIn users were captivated by this honest and inspiring story.

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