The Most Viral LinkedIn Posts Ever + What We Can Learn (2023)

LinkedIn isn’t just a resume-sharing website anymore—it’s a full-blown social media platform.

People share their passions, companies dominate competitors, and creators build seven-figure personal brands.

But so many people have no clue how to recreate their success. They’re posting, connecting, and building a presence, but nothing is happening.

So I’m putting together the most viral LinkedIn posts of all time. I’ll also tell you what you can learn from them and how to reproduce their results.

1. The 9 to 5 Smack-Down

In early 2020, Justin Welsh laid the heat on the 9 to 5.

When he laid waste to bad bosses, low raises, and long commutes, everyone cheered in approval. It’s only natural this became his most popular post to date.

But this post’s popularity wasn’t an accident. Justin intentionally hooked readers’ attention with a great hook, punched down a common enemy, and rallied them to a shared message.

Who doesn’t hate boring, soul-crushing jobs? Looking at this post, you can see why people couldn’t resist the like button.

2. Crying CEO

In August 2022, HyperSocial CEO Braden Wallake went viral for all the wrong reasons.

After letting go of a few employees, Braden publicly expressed his remorse over the decision on LinkedIn. He wrote a long post explaining his mindset, accompanied by the now-famous selfie.

I won’t pass judgment, but many were skeptical of Braden’s stated virtue. They believe he exploited a tragic situation for attention.

Regardless of Braden’s sincerity, it was definitely a bad look. Nearly every major media outlet covered this event, which will follow him for years.

Your takeaway? Think carefully before posting about sensitive topics, and see how others feel about your content before posting.

3. The One-Sentence Wonder

With 12 words and a dream, Niharikaa wrote the shortest LinkedIn post ever to go viral. Just a status update—no polls, crying selfies, or any other gimmicks.

While I can’t promise your next status update will hit the big time, there’s a major lesson to learn here: authenticity is crucial.

Every day, influencer-hopefuls publish thousands of click-bait pieces on LinkedIn, never to see the light of day.

People see through fakeness.

If you’re just trying to get their attention, they’ll know. Best case they ignore it, worst case you become infamous like Mr. Crying CEO.

Put Quality First

Low-effort content is all over LinkedIn.

Viral is all people want, but people aren’t willing to work for it. So rather than creating valuable content, they try shortcuts and end up like Crying CEO.

If you want viral content, don’t worry about its “viral potential.”

Consider whether your posts are helpful, authentic, and actionable. With consistency, exposure is inevitable.

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