How to Start Louis Vuitton Dropshipping and Make Sales (2023)

Everyone dreams of running a business with a massive profit margin like luxury brands do. But that’s easier said than done—brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have spent decades establishing their reputation.

Thankfully, you don’t need to grind out years of hard work to get into the luxury market like they did. You can start cashing in on it immediately with dropshipping.

People say dropshipping is oversaturated, but it’s not. It’s only saturated with people who have no clue what they’re doing.

So in this guide, you’ll get a masterclass in dropshipping Louis Vuttion like a pro. You’ll know everything you need to start dropshipping luxury items with equally luxurious revenue.

Disclaimer: this article is reader-supported, meaning I may make a commission on the sale of linked products at no cost to you.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

A dropshipping store doesn’t maintain a physical inventory of products. When it receives an order from a customer, it contacts the supplier, who ships to the customer directly.

Most of the time, customers have no idea a third party’s involved. It’s just you fulfilling orders, as far as they know.

Dropshipping has a few key advantages:

  • Easy setup. Software like Shopify and Modalyst makes it possible to start dropshipping in one afternoon.
  • Low up-front cost. You need little or no money to set up your store (especially considering free trials).
  • No need to store physical inventory. Inventory management is a huge struggle with regular ecommerce. Dropshipping doesn’t need that at all.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get started.


dropshipping infographic

Why Should I Dropship Louis Vuitton Products?

A side hustle like dropshipping Louis Vuitton items sounds lucrative—no doubt. But besides “money,” why should you actually bother?

1. Instant Brand Recognition

Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic brands in high-end fashion.

A recent study found Louis Vuitton to be America’s most popular designer brand (with 28 other countries ranking it as their favorite too).

So when people see you’re carrying LV, you get a share of that brand recognition.

2. Variety

Louis Vuitton’s variety lets cater to customers’ diverse tastes and budgets while still making a healthy profit.

3. High Profit Margins

People are willing to pay a premium to cash in on the social reputation of Louis Vuitton. Its a mainstay of clout-chasers and influencers alike.

Thanks to the iconic nature of its products, you’ll have no trouble tapping into an-already loyal following desperate to show off its prestige.

Drawbacks of Vuitton Dropshipping

Dropshipping LV offers a high profit margin, but it comes with a few challenges:

1. Getting Suppliers to Work With You

When you’re just starting out, dropshipping luxury brands can be challenging. Some suppliers are wary of beginners and will reject them immediately on those grounds.

2. Luxury Spending … Is a Luxury

People may no longer want some luxury items as their tastes change over time. Due to the limited number of people who can afford premium products, the pool of potential customers is already small.

Also, economic downturns make people focus on necessities while shunning luxury items.

3. Customer Experience Must Be Top-Notch

Customers expect world-class customer service from luxury stores. Anything less will undermine your credibility as a luxury supplier.

How to Start Dropshipping Louis Vuitton

Here’s a step-by-step guide to start dropshipping Louis Vuitton merchandise:

3 steps to start dropshipping louis vuitton

1. Open a Shopify Account

Shopify is a beginner-friendly ecommerce platform. You can add products, set up payments, and manage shipping all in one place.

Thanks to Shopify’s 14-day trial period, you can test it out before committing.

2. Connect With Luxury Dropshipping Suppliers

With your Shopify store up and running, you’re ready to connect with luxury suppliers carrying Louis Vuitton. This gives you a steady supply of inventory. 


With Modalyst, you can connect with thousands of dropshipping suppliers and add the products you want to sell. It integrates with Shopify to simplify inventory management.

Modalyst estimates its dropshippers earn ~20% more revenue with its service.


BrandsDistribution is a wholesale distributor of designer fashion with over 120 Italian and international brands. You can integrate their catalog into your Shopify store for automatic inventory management.


With 140M+ monthly visits, Allegro is one of the largest ecommerce suppliers in the world. They carry a huge variety of Louis Vuitton products to fill your catalog with.


Over 3,000 luxury brands exist on Orderchamp’s wholesale marketplace. Its huge scale and exclusive features make it a top choice for luxury dropshipping.

Like other suppliers, you can integrate Orderchamp directly with Shopify for easy order management.


Founded in 2006, Spartoo sells more than 45,000 pairs of shoes from luxury brands and offers free shipping worldwide.


Kaola is the second-largest cross-border platform selling Western brands in China. Their product selection is impressive, and they’re known only to sell authentic merchandise.

There are tons of fake luxury products on some of these marketplaces, putting you in danger of shipping your clients counterfeit products. Using a reliable supplier avoids that.


With over 300 fashion brands in its catalog, Grafitti offers designer clothing at affordable prices. 

They import new products daily to keep their catalog up-to-date. And like others listed above, you can easily integrate Grafitti into your Shopify store.


BrandsGateway is a top luxury supplier with over 90,000 products. Margins on their products are great—they promise up to a 250% return on every order you sell.

With BrandsGateway, you get flat shipping rates, immediate dispatch, professional photos and descriptions, SEO guides, and Shopify integration.

3. Start Advertising Your Products

Advertising luxury items like Louis Vuitton differs from promoting other products. Since Louis Vuitton is so expensive, you gotta use highly specific targeted advertising to find the right customers.

Fortunately, modern advertising services make this easy. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, and other marketing platforms let you target highly specific audiences.

Here are some great platforms to start with:

best ad platforms for lv dropshipping


Half of TikTok users are likelier to buy a product after seeing it promoted on the app. Just be aware that TikTok leans towards a younger audience, who tends to have less cash on hand.


Thanks to its massive user database, Meta offers the most accurate demographic targeting of any ad platform. They command data from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more to let you choose from any audience you can think of.

This sort of specificity is crucial for luxury marketing since only a small audience can afford those products. And since Meta lets you target based on income, it’s a top choice for promoting your Louis Vuitton inventory.

Google Ads

Google Ads is probably the most popular ad platform out there, and for good reason. Their keyword-based system lets you target searchers with the exact intent you’re looking for.

For instance, you could target a long-tail keyword like “discount Louis Vuitton products for sale.” That keyword signals high purchase intent, and, because it’s specific, the competition (and cost-per-click) will be low.

Louis Vuitton Dropshipping Isn’t Hard

Dropshipping LV isn’t difficult with the right approach. You already know what you want to sell, you just need to get it in front of the right people.

First, find a good ecommerce platform (I recommend Shopify). Then, connect it directly to a few reliable dropshipping suppliers.

From there, the only thing to do is start advertising. I recommend starting with Google Ads and Meta Ads since they allow the highly-specific targeting you need to find a luxury-friendly audience.

All you need from there is patience and hard work. It’s a learning experience, and you’ll make mistakes, but with the right attitude, you can absolutely succeed.

But if you wanna learn a bit more about dropshipping itself, check out Sam’s complete guide to starting a dropshipping business.

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