Authoritative LinkedIn ghostwriting.

People are building invaluable personal brands with their LinkedIn posts. I’ll make you the next success story.

Influence at scale.

As I’ve grown my profile, I’ve seen first-hand how LinkedIn can transform unknown founders, CEOs, and regular professionals into recognized thought leaders.

Watching people rise to stardom in their industries, I can’t contain my passion for building authority on the fastest-growing B2B platform. Helping others do it was the natural next step, so here I am.

Who am I?

I’m a world-class B2B marketing writer who’s actively building a presence on LinkedIn. Since starting in July of 2022, I’ve built a thousands-strong loyal audience hungry for more of my content.

Now I’m putting my business journalism skills to work for your online presence.

What do I do?

I don’t only write conversion-optimized LinkedIn content in your name. I study your words, voice, and personality and combine them with my writing skills to create an authority powerhouse.

I interview clients 1:1 about their work, goals, and what they hope to achieve on LinkedIn. It’s my research and experience, but your unique take on your industry.

Why choose me?

Sure, I’ve proven my writing skills contributing expert content to SaaS brands and digital marketing agencies. But to be honest, my most valuable experience comes from the brand I build daily on LinkedIn.

I post value-driven content, driving 1:1 engagement from leading authorities in entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, and more. My commitment to excellence has created unbelievable relationships for me, and I want to extend those life-changing results to my clients.

With me, you get:

  • Concise, authoritative posts that drive engagement
  • Help developing a content strategy
  • Analytic reports with Shield Analytics
  • A dedicated Planable workspace to approve posts or request changes
  • Quarterly calls to discuss trends in your industry
  • Two revisions per post
  • Excellent, responsive communication

…all from someone who drives engagement daily on their own profile.

What People Say


Posts purchased together but priced individually to ensure maximum value for money.

Minimum $1,000/month, please.


Or message me on LinkedIn:


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, I use Planable.

It lets me add and schedule your posts on a content calendar, where they’ll await your approval. You can comment on posts with feedback directly from the site.

Currently no, but this is subject to change as demand increases.

Yes, we will discuss the direction you want to go in, but it will take experimentation to find the signal you want to hone in on as an author.

The more content you put out, the faster this happens.

Payments are upfront via Stripe and only Stripe. I will provide an invoice.

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