My Tinder Ads Guide for Creating Sales Love (2022)

I can’t think of a better-qualified person to write a guide for advertising on Tinder than me.

I love Tinder, and it loves me back. I’ve used it since 2018 to create tons of awesome memories with people I would’ve never met otherwise.

I’m also an experienced marketer, writing for publications both big and small on everything about advertising. Furthermore, I’ve run my own ads for digital ventures in the past.

So when I found there was a need for a guide on how to advertise on Tinder, I got right to work on this article.

In this guide, you’ll get a full rundown of how Tinder ads work. Then, I’ll provide tips for making people (literally) swipe right on your ads.

How do Tinder Ads Work?

Tinder ads appear in the profile streams of non-premium users. They show up just like regular profiles, letting viewers swipe right to learn more about the offer and left to decline.


Ads on Tinder are unique because they encourage interactivity in a way other platforms don’t.

Unlike YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, Tinder ads only require users to swipe right to learn more. And since they’re already in swipe mode, this interaction comes more naturally than with other ad mediums.

Tinder Demographics

Before learning to create effective Tinder ads, you need to know if its main demographics are relevant to your brand. You’re wasting your time if your product targets groups who aren’t on Tinder.

I’ll cite data from the Business of Apps Tinder Data Report for this section.

Active Users

Tinder has over 75 million users and over 10 million premium subscribers. This makes it the largest dating app by far in terms of both usage and revenue.


Tinder has representation from every age group, but users under 25 are the largest by far (35%). The second largest age group is 25-34 (25%), followed by 35-44 (20%).


Tinder has a famous gender imbalance, with ~75% of users identifying as male.

However, it actually varies heavily based on region. For instance, Europe’s imbalance is tame (close to 50/50), while India is 75% male.

It’s worth noting Tinder’s gender demographics are some of the most precise out there since effective use of the app requires users to identify accurately.


Tinder features users from every income bracket, but the highest percentage comes from users taking home $60-80k annually. Here are the precise stats:

Getting the best experience from Tinder requires some financial investment (especially for men). This supports the notion that Tinder users have above-average disposable income, as its high percentage of premium subscribers shows.

Keep in mind that premium users do not see ads, so you won’t be able to reach much of its audience with more disposable income to spend on higher-tier subs.

The premium audience also leans male since the sheer competition for females necessitates getting the edge wherever possible. So if you’re targeting high-income males, Tinder might not be the best platform for visibility.

How to Create Tinder Ads (Video)

If Tinder’s demographics match your target market, you’re ready to make your first ad. You’ll need to create a Google Ads account to get started.

The setup process isn’t hard, but it does involve a lot of steps. With that in mind, I’ll feature a super helpful video here instead of explaining each step one by one:

Rules for Right-Swipeable Tinder Ads

Throw out the books for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram ads because the particulars of advertising on a dating app—Tinder in particular—means you won’t need them.

Tinder is unique, requiring marketers to make ads that vibe with the general purpose and feel of the platform to get results. Below, I’ll teach you how.

1. Use Effective Visuals

More than anything else, Tinder is a visual-first platform. People just on appearance first, bios, and other details second.

Ads follow that principle, too. Your images need to be just as swipe-stopping as anyone’s gorgeous profile pictures.

Here are some pointers:

  • Make photos high-resolution. Cheap pictures are an instant turnoff for consumers (they’ll think your brand is low quality).
  • Feature faces. Your ads appear randomly in users’ card stacks, so a completely different photo can be too jarring to mesh with everyone else. Include human faces to make viewers feel more comfortable.
  • Use a vertical resolution. If your ads are horizontally oriented, they’ll appear awkwardly in the swipe stack.
  • Don’t use stock photos. This is universal ad advice these days, but avoid stock photos like the plague. You might think they make you seem more professional, but younger generations desire authenticity above all else.

2. Keep it Simple & Concise

Tinder is fast-moving by nature. Instead of carefully considering each profile, users make lightning-fast judgments based on people’s pictures and bio.

With that in mind, people should be able to absorb your ad’s information just as fast. Keep your copy, images, and call-to-action (CTA) as brief as possible.

People just understand your product’s purpose, who you are, and how you can help them at a glance.

3. Write Sensational Copy

Tinder is an enormous mix of emotions, but calm and boring aren’t among them. Your copy should mesh with the sense of thrill and adventure defining the platform.

Here’s how:

  • Use emotional words. Ditch generic ad works like “amazing” and “great,” opting for more exciting terms like “proven,” “secret,” “gigantic,” and “glittering.”
  • Focus on value. Be crystal-clear about the tangible value your product provides to consumers.
  • Be concise. I mentioned this above, but it’s crucial that I emphasize how vital brevity is. Get to the point!

4. Keep it Dating-Ortiented

People use Tinder with the sole purpose of getting some form of intimacy.

While people are somewhat expectant of ads on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it’s the furthest thing on their minds when swiping through Tinder. This means that the vast majority of ads get rejected (hence why Tinder is not the most popular advertising medium).

Among the ads that survive the swiping onslaught, most of them will be romance-oriented—actively helping people achieve intimacy-related success.

The best example of this was the Atlanta Hawk’s partnership with Tinder for their Swipe Right Night ad campaign. The Hawks sold $70 ticket packers for two (so people could bring a friend) to meet right-swipes in person.


Attendees had access to a host of amenities to get acquainted with their matches. They promoted the event on Tinder and found huge success.

Your brand might not be big enough to host such a huge event, but the principle remains the same: romance-oriented ads work best on Tinder.

Yes, You Can Win With Tinder Ads

As mentioned above, Tinder isn’t the most popular ad medium. Many marketers shun it because of how difficult it is to catch the attention of its swipe-hungry users.

But success is possible. It takes grit and creativity, but earning those right swipes is achievable with the right approach.

Lucky for you, I detailed the right approach above. Follow the advice I’ve provided, and success is a matter of time.

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