Headlime Review: I Tried It, and Here’s What I Think (2023)

Writing marketing copy takes a highly specific skill set. As a business owner, that means searching for a qualified copywriter and footing an expensive bill to boot.

Sure, great copy is worth the investment, but what if you could cut out the lengthy process of finding, vetting, and paying copywriters? One tool promises just that.

Its name is Headlime, and it’s been receiving tons of attention across G2, Product Hunt, and other review sites. But despite its growing coverage, it’s yet to get any first-hand reviews.

So in this article, I’m reviewing Headlime’s features hands-on. I made an account to test it against my copywriting skills and see how it performs.

By the end, you’ll clearly understand Headlime from my first-hand experience. You’ll also learn its key features, pricing, and pros vs. cons.

Headlime Overview

Headlime is a GPT-3-powered writing tool like Jasper (formerly Jarvis). While Headlime mainly advertises itself as a copy tool, it also has applications for blog writing.

Its content is 100% original, basing its understanding on “175-billion parameters” to write about nearly any topic with authority.

If you don’t know me, I’m highly skeptical of AI-writing tools. This isn’t because I’m a writer but because I know that great writing relies on original ideas and inferences from data.

AI can’t do this, and unless it becomes sapient, it’s not going to any time soon. Thankfully, Headlime doesn’t advertise itself sensationally as some other tools (Ahem, Jasper).

A Writer’s Aid, Not a Replacement

Headlime’s goal is to streamline writing and make it far easier rather than do it all for you. This doesn’t only mean creating original ideas but augmenting your writing.

Headlime can:

  • Check grammar
  • Enhance fluency for non-native English speakers
  • Rewrite content to be more formal or casual
  • Shorten sentences or make them longer

It can also translate your copy into different languages, but this feature is in beta (the translations are a bit too literal and not truly localized).

Product Lineup

Next, we’ll discuss the main products Headlime offers as part of its AI-writing portfolio.

AI Blog Assistant

The blog assistant is mostly useful for breaking writer’s block and keeping your flow going. So if you’re looking for a tool to churn out Shakespearan literature on the fly, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

I asked the assistant to write an intro for this review, and here’s what it came up with:

The output is not great, not terrible. While I didn’t use it for my intro, I can see how it could help with writer’s block.

AI Copywriter

The marketing copywriter is Headlime’s main product. It promises top-quality content on demand—all it needs is a prompt.

But before writing your copy, you’ll need to pick a copy type. For this example, I’ll go with a tagline.

I asked Headlime to write a tagline for my content writing services. I gave a relatively detailed prompt, and here’s what it churned out:

I wasn’t super impressed. Despite all the details I gave it, it only regurgitated the first sentence.

And as for the generic copy produced—a child could have written it. In short, Headlime doesn’t seem to be stealing copywriters’ jobs anytime soon.

Landing Page Generator

Headlime can also produce landing pages—in whole or in part—based on the prompt you give it. It’ll give you a piece of the page you request (hero, stats, blog, steps, etc.), which you drag into its builder.

For my example, I asked it to make a landing page for a content-writing business. It was a better experience than the copy generator, strangely enough.

A little generic? Sure, but decent enough to put people on the right track to engaging copy.

Headlime Pros & Cons

Below are my main loves and complaints about Headlime.


  • Intuitive dashboard. The Headlime dashboard is easy to use, with all tools accessible from a single page.
  • Thousands of templates. Headlime comes with thousands of premade templates to base your copy off of.
  • Impressive page builder. I was impressed with Headlime’s page builder tool. The copy will require tweaking but creates good content considering it’s an AI too.
  • Available in 11 languages. Headlime is only rated for English fluency but currently offers support for ten other languages.
  • Fixes grammatrerrors. Headlime can act as a grammar checker like Grammarly and ProWritingAid.
  • Work in progress. Headlime is a fast-growing startup, so you can expect their quality and feature set to expand rather quickly.


  • Pricey. I was hoping Headlime would be cheaper than its equally-pricy competitor Jasper, but that’s not the case here.
  • Limited integrations: Headlime sorely lacks integrations compared to other AI writing tools. As of this writing, it has only the Figma plug-in.
  • Only offers monthly subscriptions: Headlime has no annual paid plans or lifetime deals. This is a massive oversight, in my opinion.

Headlime Pricing

Headlime isn’t breaking the trend of overly-expensive B2B SaaS tools. Its cheapest plan—the Individual—will set you back $59 each month.

This price point is lousy compared to Jasper’s entry-level plan ($29/month for 20k words). Headlime doesn’t offer annual pricing either, which saves tons of money with other SaaS tool.

Verdict: Decent Features, but Not the Best AI Copy Tool

Let’s be honest: when reviewing an AI writing tool, we will always compare it to Jasper. They’re the undisputed champ of AI writing, and it’s no coincidence that Headlime’s dashboard looks suspiciously like Jaspers.

You must remember that these AI writing tools use the same GPT-3 technology from OpenAI.

Understanding that, none of the writing quality will be massively different between brands. Headlime’s writing tools won’t be much better than Jaspers, and vice-versa.

So when comparing tools, you’re mainly thinking about features, pricing, and integration. Unfortunately, Headlime is not the leader in any of these fronts, which makes them objectively inferior to its competitors.

Is that subject to change? Sure—Headlime is a young brand. But, in time, they may come out on top.

I’ll be happy to update this review if that happens.

2 thoughts on “Headlime Review: I Tried It, and Here’s What I Think (2023)”

  1. Be very careful with Headlime, they are a scam company.

    I decided not to continue with them during the trial period they establish on their website and, after requesting the refund, no one answers or returns my money. They are scammers!

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