Convesio WordPress Hosting Hands-On Review (2023)

All great WordPress sites start with a reliable host.

You’ll suffer slow loading speeds, extensive downtimes, unpredictable performance, and bad customer support if your hosting stinks. This leads to poor visitor satisfaction and low rankings on Google.

Convesio presents itself as the solution to all that. They claim to be WordPress’s ultimate B2B solution in scalability, security, performance, and customer support.

So in this article, we’ll see how valid that claim is.

I made a Conversio account and tried it for myself to write a comprehensive review. Read on, and I’ll share my conclusions.

Overview & Key Features

Convesio specializes in enterprise-level hosting for brands who need fast and reliable WordPress hosting. So if you’re just looking to set up a hobby site, you’re better off with a more consumer-friendly brand like Cloudways (my host).

Performance (Tested By Me)

Convesio Managed WordPress Hosting makes some bold claims in terms of fast performance.

I use Cloudways—a host renowned for its fast speeds—and Convesio lists two brands on its homepage that experienced over 2X faster speeds coming from them.

Naturally, I had to test that myself.

I made an account and tested my starter site for its Time to First Byte (TTFB). This metric measures how fast a host serves the first byte of data when requested.

My starter Convesio site scored a decent 184ms. But how does that compare to my site hosted on Cloudways?

Note: My site is a fully-fledged blog, while the basic Convesio site is extremely barebones. This means there’s no point in comparing fully loaded time and Largest Contentful Paint.

And yes, there’s more to page speed than TTFB, but it’s a key metric to consider when evaluating the differences between hosts.

My site got 211ms—slightly slower, but not by much. Most likely, this small speed difference is due to my site’s larger size vs. the ultra-basic sample site.

Based on this test, the massive improvements they advertise likely have more to do with post-migration optimizations.

And whenever you see someone saying “faster than Cloudways,” you need to ask which Cloudways server they mean (Cloudways has several, like AWS and Digital Ocean).

Customer Support

Promoting itself as the ultimate B2B solution, Convesio needs to have great customer service to live up to that claim. Thankfully, it seems to deliver on that front—my personal experience was great, and reviewers on G2 seem to agree.

Free Website Migration

Unlike other hosts, Convesio handles the entire migration process for you. You only need to fill out their form, and they’ll handle the rest.

As the form says, they typically handle this quickly—as soon as the same business day. However, they warn more difficult migrations can take up to 48 hours.


No issues with Convesio’s dashboard. It’s easy to see your site’s performance, hardware status, traffic, and other crucial data at a glance.

And if you have multiple sites, you can access them easily from the login landing page.

WordPress Admin Speed

Anyone who’s used WordPress knows how notoriously slow the admin view can be. It’s heavily dependent on server hardware, meaning a slow host will result in a sluggish admin experience.

Thankfully, Convesio’s admin view passes the smell test in this regard. Using WP admin on their platform is quick and responsive (as it should be).

Pros & Cons

Here are my top likes and dislikes about Convesio’s platform after using it:


  • Auto-scaling. If your site experiences a traffic spike, Convesio will automatically scale your hardware to handle it.
  • Spam protection. Convesio comes pre-installed with Akismet Anti-Spam to protect your blog from spam.
  • Caching. Convesio supports native caching to serve your pages quickly to new and return users.
  • Proactive security monitoring. Convesio constantly monitors its sites for security issues. If it detects a problem, they automatically dispatch experts to handle it.
  • 24/7 support. Their team is always available to answer questions and assist with issues—crucial for any business! Tons of hosts offer this, but Convesio’s team seems to be quite competent.
  • Quality tech stack. Convesio doesn’t slack on their hardware or software—I can tell.
  • Free SSL. Convesio gives you free SSL. This is pretty common among managed hosts but worth mentioning.
  • DDoS mitigation. Convesio actively detects and thwarts DDoS attacks. But if you’re using Cloudflare, this may be redundant.
  • High-end pricing. If you’re a higher-volume brand with thousands of orders each month, Convesio’s pricing is pretty fair. Its level five plan is “only” $1,000/month.
  • Cheap Cloudflare Enterprise. Being on Convesio’s higher-end plans gets you cheaper access to premium Cloudflare plans than you could get otherwise.


  • Low-end pricing. Being a business solution, Convesio’s considerably more expensive than comparable options. Its cheapest plan is $50 and doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles.
  • Single WP Install. All their plans only get you a single WordPress install.

Convesio Pricing & Hosting Plans

Here’s how Convesio does it’s pricing:

PlanPricing24/7 Support?Cloudflare EnterpriseWordPress Installs
Starter L1$50/monthYesNo1
Business L2$150/monthYesStandard1
Business L3$300/monthYesStandard1
Business L4$600/monthYesStandard1
Enterprise L5$1,000/month + setup feeYesAdvanced1

Convesio Alternatives

Especially if you’re looking for a consumer-grade host, you might be realizing Convesio isn’t best for you. If that’s the case, here are my recommended alternatives:

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is an all-around top quality host, whether you’re a hobbyist or a large business. It’s fast, extensively customizable, runs several different server types, has great support, and it’s cheap.

It’s worth mentioning that this is my host.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta’s pretty similar to Convesio—a managed WordPress solution aimed towards businesses. 

While it’s not as fast as Cloudways (I’ve tested it), it’s still pretty awesome thanks to its great support and wide feature set.

3. Rocket

Rocket’s a new kid on the hosting block I caught wind of thanks to Tom Dupius’ glowing review

It’s fast, and its team has a real hands-on approach thanks to its CEO wanting to create the ultimate hosting solution. I like it, but it’s yet to persuade me to leave Cloudways.

Verdict: It’s Great for Businesses, Not Hobbyists

I’ve sounded a bit skeptical in this review, but my honest assessment is that Convesio is a great hosting platform for businesses with high volumes.

But if you’re a smaller brand—or a hobby blogger—I recommend you steer clear towards the alternatives I listed above. Convesio isn’t necessarily bad for it, it’s just not the best option, thanks to its pricing and feature set.

But if you are a larger business (Convesio’s target market), I’d say go for it. Everything I’ve seen in my own experience suggests it’s a great platform.

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