2023’s Best LinkedIn Ghostwriters (And Why They’re Great)

Not to state the obvious, but LinkedIn’s exploded as a platform in the last few years.

What once was a pretentious resume-sharing site where college interns inflated achievements has become a knowledge hub.

Founders, CEOs, and regular employees are sharing their stories and insight to the immense benefit of their followers.

And the rewards of being one of those thought leaders? Immense.

Influencers like Justin Welsh are building seven-figure incomes on the back of their personal brands. He’s made almost $1M from his LinkedIn course alone (featured below).

Furthermore, his LinkedIn presence was a launching pad for success on other platforms like Twitter. It’s safe to say that deciding to post there was the best decision of his life.

You don’t need to be a big name to reap LinkedIn rewards, either. I’ve earned clients from the beginning of my LinkedIn posting career before I started forming a dedicated audience.

So Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

You’re convinced of LinkedIn’s benefits, but why fork out the big bucks for something you can do for yourself?

There are a few reasons:

  • You don’t have time. If you have the cash to hire a ghostwriter, you’re probably busy maintaining and growing that income.
  • You don’t know the intricacies of LinkedIn. Each social platform has its unique algorithm, quirks, and nuances—LinkedIn is no exception. You need someone who’s dedicated their time to keeping up with it all.
  • You’re not a professional writer. You might not be too shabby with the quill, but you can’t pretend you’re on par with a ghostwriter who’s dedicated their career to the craft.

Remember—delegating is a crucial leadership skill. Getting your social presence off on the right foot is not something to skimp on.

What Makes an Effective LinkedIn Ghostwriter?

LinkedIn ghostwriting is still undersaturated. But among those already stepping up to the plate, how do you make the right choice?

I’ve laid out a few key qualifiers you’ll find convincing:

Established LinkedIn Presence

You can’t claim to be an effective LinkedIn ghostwriter if you don’t do it yourself. Everyone vending their services should have a dedicated following that recognizes them for their writing skills.

Shameless plug, I’m a great example of this. I already had a dedicated audience cheering me on when I first launched my ghostwriting service in 2022:

Full Language Fluency

For whatever language you want to post in, your writer should be fully fluent. You can’t trust them to effectively convey the message you want without fully grasping your language.

Fluid Collaboration Workflow

Any ghostwriter should have a fluid workflow for writing posts, sending them for approval, and publishing them.

For instance, I use email and Trello for project management and Taplio to schedule posts, where clients can either approve posts for posting or comment with adjustments.

Image from Taplio’s website

If your ghostwriter’s just slapping together comms through email and LinkedIn DMs, you’ll have a pretty miserable time working with them. Do yourself a favor and get someone who knows what they’re doing.

LinkedIn Ghostwriters I’d Hire

So now you know:

  • Why LinkedIn’s worth investing in
  • Why you should hire a ghostwriter
  • How to pick an effective candidate

Next, I’ll give you my list of the best LinkedIn ghostwriters to hire now.

I’ve either worked with these professionals directly or heard their praises through several reputable third parties to ensure they meet my standards.

So without further ado, let’s dive in:

1. Saga

Saga LinkedIn ghostwriting

Saga is my LinkedIn growth agency.I’m not giving myself the top spot because it’s my article—I’m doing it because we do an awesome job. We surpass every standard provided above:

  • Engaged audience? Check—I have over 120k followers (and growing daily).
  • Full language fluency? Absolutely, and adding more languages soon with translators.
  • Fluid collaboration workflow? As featured above, my clients have access to me via Slack, Trello, and video calls, with direct collaboration available on Trello.

I work with accomplished founders, executives, and leaders around the world—many if whom you would recognize. If they—and my personal audience—can trust me, you can too.

If you need more convincing, I’m happy to oblige. Visit our site to learn more about us, or contact me directly on LinkedIn.

2. Tara Horstmeyer

Hailing from Atlanta is Tara Horstmeyer—a recognized authority in the LinkedIn universe. The only “bad” thing about her is she’s booked and on a waitlist, so working with her may be easier said than done.

3. Ruben Hassid

Ruben doesn’t only evoke feelings of a delicious NY-style deli sandwich but of concise, compelling prose.

He’s built a dedicated following on LinkedIn he constantly expands daily with both value-driven content and an admirable dedication to dropping 30+ insightful comments on community posts. 

So don’t be surprised to see him dropping a gem in your comment section if you post often—that’s how I found him. And while reading his insight, you might consider hiring him for your own LinkedIn development.

4. Samantha McKenna

Samantha is a globally-acclaimed marketer and founder of her own digital agency. LinkedIn ghostwriting is one of the services she offers, with an impressive clientele comprising brands of all sizes and industries.

5. Julie Livingston

Julie leverages a decades-long marketing toolset to offer her clients a reliable portfolio of LinkedIn services. In addition to ghostwriting, she also offers LinkedIn strategy and marketing services.

6. Luke Matthews

In many ways, Luke is a pioneer of LinkedIn branding. He’s at the forefront of every trend, developing unique strategies to optimize your presence according to what works best at that particular time.

He’s a flowing well of LinkedIn insight, something his huge following will agree to as they eagerly await his daily insight.

7. Dowdy Sarvis

Dowdy hasn’t disappointed since entering the ghostwriter ring. Deft with a keyboard, he bathes his following in rich insight as he builds a rock-solid brand as a LinkedIn authority.

I’m calling it now—he’s got a future in this business. Clients recruiting him now will doubtlessly find themselves thankful they got in while they could.

LinkedIn Is an Investment

LinkedIn is absurdly underrated relative to the incredible value it offers. If you’re willing to invest in building a brand on the platform, you’ll see a return beyond that of the luckiest lottery ticket.

Don’t just take my word for it—Livestorm reports that 33% of agencies define LinkedIn as their most crucial marketing platform. That’s an impressive number that’ll only rise with time.

So it’s time to decide: will you tackle LinkedIn now or wait until your competition’s already formed a grounded presence before you make a move?

I think you know the smart play here. Connect with me (or another awesome writer) and start scaling your presence now.

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