7+ Best Canva Alternatives for Graphics, GIFs, and More (2023)

Best Canva alternatives

Canva’s streamlined platform made graphic design accessible to everyone regardless of experience. It’s been a blowout hit, continuing to build millions of users today.

So naturally, many brands created their own competing design platforms to cash in on their success.

Some of these platforms are exceptional, offering features that Canva itself does not. So in this article, you’ll learn about the best Canva alternatives available.

We’re listing the top platforms and the key features and pricing for each. When you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly which is best for your needs.

1. Visme

visme landing page

In terms of features, Visme is one of the most comprehensive design platforms available. It offers a wide range of templates for different uses, like marketing, social media, presentations, and data visualization.

Visme’s only downside is shortchanging users with storage and file types. Its cheapest premium plan is more expensive than Canva, yet it only gives you 250 MB of storage.

But if you can hold your nose through the storage problem, it’s got everything you need for creating quality designs.

Key Features

  • Create, save, and organize projects easily
  • Contribute to, collaborate on, and finalize drafts with your team
  • Choose from a huge library of pre-built templates
  • Streamline your workflow with 25+ integrations
  • Easily schedule posts across multiple channels



  • Meager 100 MB storage
  • Limited templates and design assets
  • Standard support

Personal ($12.25/month):

Everything in Free plus:

  • 250 MB storage
  • 24/7 email & chat support
  • Download as JPG, PNG, PDF
  • Full access to templates and assets

While Visme is a great platform, it’s pretty ridiculous to limit premium users to three file types and 250 MB of storage.

Business ($24.75/month):

Everything in Personal plus:

  • 3 GB storage
  • Privacy controls
  • Brand Kit, Analytics, Most Integrations
  • Full downloading options including PPTX, HTML5, Video, & GIF

My biggest problem with Visme is its storage stinginess. Canva doesn’t limit storage, while Visme only gives 3 GB to Business users.

2. Picmaker

Picmaker is an easy-to-use tool for image editing, graphic design, social content creation, and brand kits. You can collaborate with your friends, clients, and peers—even a novice designer can do awesome stuff with it.

Key Features

  • Free background remover (Canva charges for this feature)
  • Create AI-enhanced designs with one click
  • 10k+ unique templates
  • Drag-and-drop design tool



  • Seven downloads per month
  • 10,000+ design templates
  • Download images in JPEG format
  • Limited access to stock images

Starter ($7.95/month):

  • 30 downloads per month
  • Upload unlimited fonts
  • Download JPEG and PNG files
  • 20 credits/month for free stock images
  • Unlimited icons, illustrations, and presentation slides

At $8/month, their starter plan is cheaper than Canva’s.

Pro ($10.45/Month):

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • PDF downloads
  • Custom template requests
  • 50 GB storage
  • Premium stock images available for purchase
  • Unlimited downloads and credit for standard stock images

3. Adobe Express

Adobe Spark, graphic design software by Adobe, has a similar feature set to Canva.

It’s like a mini version of Adobe’s features. Using pre-made templates and thousands of stock images, you can design anything from social graphics to business banners with ease.

Key Features

  • Easily resize, merge, reverse, and convert videos
  • Use 18k+ licensed fonts from the Adobe Fonts library
  • 25k+ templates for all design needs
  • Simple image conversion and resizing



  • 2GB of storage
  • Massive amount of free fonts
  • Web and mobile compatibility
  • Decent amount of royalty-free images

Paid ($9.99/Month):

Everything in the free plan, plus:

  • 100 GB of storage
  • Curved type, grids, and font pairs.
  • Over 20k fonts to play with
  • Premium templates and design assets
  • Export in several different file types
  • Refine, cutout, and other premium editing features

The paid plan comes with a free trial, so give it a whirl if you’re interested.

4. Drawtify

Choose Drawtify if you want to create stunning graphics that help you quickly convey your message. It allows you to create everything from logos to labels, stamps, and illustrations with zero experience.

They also have a dedicated app for Windows and macOS—something most other design tools lack.

Key Features

  • Create animated logos to grab viewer attention
  • Create your own unique fonts and add visual effects
  • Free infographic maker with editable templates
  • 20k+ design assets
  • 3k+ templates



  • Chart creation tools
  • Barcode generator
  • Animation tools
  • Special effects
  • 3k+ templates
  • 20k+ assets

The worst part of the free plan is the mandatory watermark. This makes the free nearly useless outside of demoing.

Premium ($14.99/Month):

Everything in the free plan, plus:

  • PDF exports
  • No watermark
  • 1 GB image upload
  • 1k+ design elements.
  • 3k+ templates

Annual plans cost $99.99, so save almost 50% by opting for an annual plan versus a monthly.

5. VistaCreate

With VistaCreate, you can create eye-catching graphics and brand kits for education, non-profits, contributors, podcasters, and brand ambassadors. And since it’s part of the Vista ecosystem, you can forward your designs to VistaPrint for production.

Key Features

  • Thousands of templates for every design need
  • Easy printing on shirts, posters, and more with VistaPrint
  • Music library for video production
  • Schedule and post social media content
  • Convert GIFs to videos



  • 10 GB storage
  • 75k+ design templates
  • Post directly on FB, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Over a million design assets (photos, videos, vectors, etc.)

Pro ($10/month):

Free plan perks, plus:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Brand kits and sticker maker
  • Remove background feature
  • Resizing
  • More than 70M design assets

VistaPrint is one of the more generous Canva alternatives with 10 GB of free storage and 1M+ design assets. That said, it lacks some quality-of-life features other platforms have.

6. BeFunky

With Befunky, you can create eye-catching graphics with little or no design experience. It also features photo editing and easy collage creation.

Key Features

  • Edit multiple images at once with batch editing
  • One-click collage making
  • Portrait retouching
  • Turn photos into paintings
  • 1M+ free stock images
  • Tons of design templates
  • Thousands of design assets
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS



  • Extended font library
  • Limited design templates
  • Photo editing and touch-up
  • Limited options to decorate images

Paid ($9.99/month):

All free features, along with:

  • Unlimited design projects
  • Extensive premium features
  • Unlimited collages
  • Premium photo editing effects
  • AI design tools
  • Massive font library

7. Stencil

Designed for bloggers, social media marketers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, Stencil is effortless to use. It offers pre-made templates, 5M stock images, and an easy-to-use UI to make quality graphics accessible for all.

Key Features

  • Plugins for WordPress, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Real-time design previews
  • 5M stock photos
  • Almost 1,400 templates
  • 5,200+ Google Web Fonts
  • 140+ preset sizes
  • SMS distribution (text your designs to clients)



  • Save 10 images/month
  • Limited icons and photos
  • Upload up to 50 images
  • 10 collection limit

Pro ($9/month):

  • 5k+ Google fonts
  • Upload 250 images
  • Logos and watermarks on your graphics
  • Premium support
  • 25 Instagram and SMS posts/month
  • Create up to 25 collections
  • 3.1M+ icons and graphics

Premium ($12/month):

Pro features, plus:

  • Unlimited favorites
  • 100 Instagram and SMS posts/month
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited image uploads

Stencil’s pro plans provide some of the best value of any Canva competitor.

My Honest Opinion? Go With Canva

As you can see, Canva has a ton of competition. Each of these alternatives provides great design tools for their users for awesome design.

That said, none of them match up to Canva. Canva is affordable, generous with its premium features, easy to use, and constantly adding features.

This is an article about Canva alternatives—and each tool I listed is excellent—but I’d be lying if I said they beat Canva one-on-one. It’s the tool I use to create most of the awesome designs on my site.

But not everyone’s needs are the same. If Canva rubs you the wrong way, use one of the tools I featured above.

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